Packaging Knowledge — the Difference Between Ordinary White Kraft Paper and Food-grade White Kraft Paper

Kraft paper has been widely used in a variety of food packaging, but since the fluorescent content of ordinary white kraft paper is usually several times higher than the standard, only food-grade white kraft paper can be used in food packaging. So, what's the difference between the two?


Food-grade white kraft paper often adds a small amount of whitening agent, while ordinary white kraft paper is added with whitening agent that exceeds food-grade standards in order to pursue the beauty of color and luster, so that the color looks super white, giving people the feeling that it is very good, so the whiteness of food-grade white kraft paper is often low, and it even looks a little yellowish. Therefore, when customers choose food-grade white kraft paper, whiteness is an important reference standard. If the whiteness is very high, it goes without saying that it must be ordinary white kraft paper.

2. Ash control

The production control of food-grade white kraft paper is strictly controlled, and all indicators are configured according to food-grade requirements. Therefore, the ash content of food-grade white kraft paper is controlled at a very low level, while the ash content of ordinary-grade white kraft paper is higher in order to reduce costs.

3. Test report

According to the requirements of food-grade packaging materials in our country, food-grade white kraft paper must pass QS inspection, while ordinary grades do not.

4. Price

Although the price difference is not absolute, it is also a very important reference value. The price of food-grade white kraft paper is usually above 8,500RMB/ton, and the ordinary grade is usually around 7,000RMB/ton. If the price is very low, needless to say, it must be ordinary grade. After all, the production cost is there.

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Post time: Oct-25-2022