Congratulations to our customer Freedm Street from UK!

Congratulations to our customer Freedm Street from UK! Their 2021 Christmas advent calendars with beauty products achieved great sales and got a plenty of good reviews among consumers.

With exceptional products inside, attractive packaging, extraordinary cruelty free and eco-friendly concept for both packaging and inside beauty products, Freedm Street’s advent calendar gift sets for 2021 Christmas were sold out in 20 days after launch.

The CEO at Freedm Street reached out Stars Packaging looking to create a premium advent calendar. She requested plastic free material and varied box sizes to fit their 24 days of beauty products. We suggested recyclable kraft paper and provided several options of calendar types. Finally the rigid one with two open doors was selected. Following that, we worked out the calendar dimension, box price with shipping and die line template in 2 days. Digital sample was completed in 2 days after we receive the design file. The whole production time for 1550 advent calendars and outside shipping boxes was 15 days, which was really fast.

You may know or hear suppliers who can complete production of common gift boxes in 15 days, but it is not easy to find one who can produce these premium and complicated advent calendar boxes in such a short time without compromise of box quality. We always take pride in our efficient work in communication, sampling, production and every other step involved to get a project done as we firmly hold the belief that time is the biggest cost.

Working with Stars Packaging, you will find how easy and smooth to get a box project done as one-stop service from design, sampling, production and delivery will be provided. You do not need to worry about tariff or duties as well as we have our own forwarder who provides door to door shipping service with tariff included.

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Post time: Dec-22-2021